Friday, 6 June 2014

Acoustic Chemistry Bassface Show - May 2014

Ugh, I've been so slow at updating this on the blog, but you can find the May Bassface show mixed by myself and Natty Red for stream on now.

The direct link to the Archive is here to download it, but you can also subscribe to the Brap podcast

Here 4 U (Original Mix)-Deadboy
Myth (Original Mix)-Untold, Roska
Red Mask (Original Mix)-GoldFFinch
Contact-My Nu Leng
Done Me Wrong (Original Mix)-Mosca
Work The Love-Rain City Riot
Hackney Parrot (Original Mix)-Tessela
Quivver (Original Mix)-Pearson Sound
Take You feat. Ninjasonik (Drop The Lime Remix)-AC Slater
Missing You-Dr Cryptic
Feel Good (Proxy Remix)-Roksonix
Rave On! (Original Mix)-Karetus
Fire (Original Vocal Mix)-Denzal Park
United Groove (MJ Cole Remix)-L-Vis 1990
Womble ft. Holly Cork – Don’t Go-Womble
I Know You Want Me (Original Mix)-Royal-T
Moony – Poundcake-Moony
Chicago6am VIP- DeadbeatUk
Mans On Road- Kommun
Why & You Don’t-Dankle
Nancy’s Pantry-Tessela
Ripgroove (2006 Version)-Double 99
Trust (Original Mix)-Palace
Faster Than Light (Original Mix)-Far Too Loud
Holy Super Fuck (Original Mix)-JELO, Frederik Mooij
Heartbeat feat. Mila Falls (Original Mix)-Mila Falls, Resistance (UK)
Walkin Manz Klub-The Squire of Gothos
Master Renegade-Thorpey
Friday night carcass-UnderTheSurface records- AudioGutter
Bounty Ice Cream (Vandal AKA Remix)-Squire of Gothos
Otaku Of The Dead-Submerse
Ratchet (Meow Version)-Zeds Dead
Hadouken-Zeds Dead
Taking Over (Donkong Remix) [Feat. Zhi MC]-Symbiz
Dogfight (Fei-Fei’s Feided Remix)-Roksonix
K Theory – VC Commander-K Theory
Crystal Castles – Pale Flesh (Hugsnotdrugs Remix)-hugsnotdrugs
I Love It (Willy Joy Bootleg)-Icona Pop
Ookay-Star Wars
Funk Blaster (Culprate remix)-KOAN Sound -
Do It Now-RRRitalin -
Bang Harder EP-Kanji Kinetic
Twisted (Original Mix) Invisible Man-ACME BASS RECORDS
the Siren-spaceface
heart of darkness-onken
Original Rubadub Style-EDMX
Liberation of Desire-Shitmat
Ghetto Red Hot (Original Mix)-RRRitalin
LL Cool J – Hey Lover ft. Boyz II Men “Taurus Scott Remix”-LL Cool J
herbsmoke remix

Scraps from the internet: 1940's British Propaganda Films

The British Film Council have upload British Propaganda Films from the 1940's. These should make a really interesting watch, and I think there's about 100 of them in total.

Vimeo Link

The Land of Invention is the only one I've look at so far, but I'll certainly be getting involved in the others when I get a chance. Props to Elbows at Urban75 for the share.

Land of Invention (1941) from British Council Film on Vimeo.

Scraps from the internet: Photos from 70's & 80's New York

So this got posted up on one of the forums I use daily, and I thought they were great. Photos from New York in the 80's and 70's. Now I'm way too young to have visited New York in that era, but I have been in the last few years. Its mad to think how much it seems to have change. I absolutely love it as a city and can't wait to go back, but looking at these photos its crazy to think how much of a different time it was thirty years ago.

70's and 80's New York in photos

Some of the photographers are listed on the page, but not all images are credited.

Props to Editor @ Urban75 for sharing the link.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Photographs: 2 Week tour of Japan

So, at the end of April I went on a tour of Japan, covering Tokyo, Kyoto, Takayama, Hiroshima and a few other day trips out. Its been a long while coming, but I've finally edited all my photos and uploaded. I have to say I absolutely adored Japan, its a strange country, but at the same time not too disimilar to the UK. I definately want to go back, certainly to spend more time in Tokyo. All images were shot on my new Nikon D800 that I bought just before going away, and Japan was the first real test. If it can serve me as well and for as long as my D200 did (well still does, I'm keeping it for festivals etc), than judging from my first experience, I'm really going to love my D800 A couple of shots:

You can find the rest of the images from my trip on in my flickr set by clicking here

Thursday, 24 April 2014

The first radio show -

January since my last post? How appalling! The good news is we've started up a monthly show, the first saturday of every month on, our first show was in may and its now in the archive to listen to here We had a couple of technical hitches, but we're trying to iron those out for the second show on the 3/4/2014 3-5PM BST. I've also just got back from Japan, so I'm sure Ill have some photos to post up soon.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Albums of the year 2013

Ugh! How rubbish have I been, barely any posts this year let alone the last couple of months.

Anyway, its been that time again to provide my top albums for the urban75 top albums of the year thread, and in the past I've written my selections up.... This year will be no different.

1. By The Rivers - By The Rivers
Been hearing a lot on David Rodigans sunday reggae show on BBC 1xtra. So I decided to take a punt on itunes, and its undoubtedly been my favourite album this year. Nice and summery, reggae vibes, and I've got to admit, I love singing along to it in the car.

2. Death Grips - Government Plates
Death Grips have been at the top of my list before, amazing life, fantastic on album. Back again with a free album, this avant garde rap outfit from Sacramento make some of the filthiest background tracks ever, complete with lyricist and mental drummer for live shows (last seen playing handcuffed).
Well worth checking out, especially when its free. (or just listen to the album mixtape in the youtube video)

P.S. It'll be explicit
3. Queens of the stone age - Like Clockwork.....
One of thos bands thats grown on me a lot as I've got older. A great stoner rock album with distinctive lyrics and a really nice flow to the album throughout.
4. Ruby My Dear - Form
With out doubt, one of my favourite breakcore artists of the last few year, this latest album remains on form, but with some crunchier slower tracks. Haven't given it as many plays as I'd like as my iPhone was playing up, but each time I listen I am thoroughly stoked.

5.The Flatliners - Dead Language

One of my freinds went on about this band so much on facebook I had to look them up. On listening to the first tune I found on youtube, it was basically a "YES!". Great punk band.

6. Om Unit - Threads
As far as DJ tunes for me this year, its all be about Juke influences, and none better than Om Unit. One half of Dream Continuum who I think I've written about her before, lots of Jungle influence juke about 160 BPM.

7. Shaggy and others - Out of many, one music
This probably seems like an odd choice for me, but shaggy has always made waves in the reggae scene, really bringing the music to masses worldwide. Again I first heard this on David Rodigans Reggae show on 1xtra, there's some great songs on the album.

8. Gentlemen's Dub Club - FOURtyFOUR
Their first full album, I've been big on these chaps since I first heard them, and I'm glad to see them through to a first album. There's a lot of influences in there, reggae, dubstep and at one point even a trap beat at one point. Well worth a look up.

9. Machinedrum - Vapor City
The other half of Dream Continuum as mentioned in the Om Unit bit above, again more deep jungle juke sound, another one of my DJ faves this year.

10. Daft Punk - Random Access Memories
Highly anticipated album this year by many people, I was dissappointed when I first heard it. The more I listened, the more I liked though. Its only really just making it into my top ten, and its got some nice guest appearences, but I certainly wouldn't be forcing my way to the stereo at a party, shouting "listen to this!"

Finally when I submitted my votes, I totally forgot about the brilliant Congo Natty album this year. I've had the joy of seeing them 2 or 3 times, and they smash it every time. Anyway, on a hot junglist tip this year, I would have put this in at about number 4, but it came out ages ago and I totally forgot when I was writing up me votes.